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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  January 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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right now a marion county deputy -- >> woman wrongly named by casey anthony was just arrested what she in a man accused of doing to a cancer patient. good morning a time right now is 5 am thursday, january 28. >> we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes, deneige broom with the morning commute it. here we go again.
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certified meteorologist brian shields that wet weather is not going anywhere yes yes wet roads. you see green we will resume down a couple times with you tracking some drizzle and light showers across the 417 in orange county back to st. cloud and also seeing showers we get into brevard county, melbourne, palm bay we have rain and most of it is light not as heavy as is good. temperatures in the 60s. 60 palm coast 61 daytona beach 63 the villages and let's get to the forecast. through the day, we will see be developed around midday early afternoon and a possibility of a few thunderstorms. 67 degrees at noon, near 68 at 2. highs in the 60s but definitely an umbrella day. one more day before we get some of the changes coming up i will go over what we will expect returns. 5:01 am.
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along i-4. >> a different picture from yesterday i-4, fairbanks looking good enough direction snow crashes to report along i- 4 so far this morning we have a crash in the overnight hours, semi quote at doctor phillips blvd., troopers have been able to get it to the side it should not slow you down make sure to move over to the side. jamie, nancy? breaking news this morning out of orange county. orlando police a 6 people want to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning after construction workers apparently left a generator running at an apartment building. investigators say they evacuated the building near violent avenue after respond to a gas leak at 2:45 this morning officers say none of these injuries appear to be life- threatening pickup crews had to the scene to get more information and we will update you. the marion county sheriff will talk about the grand jury's decision to indict one of his deputies ask that the next step in the case of the 5 deputies accused of wrongfully beating a suspect.
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the video that has captured exactly what has happened. those deputies are facing federal charges plus it stems from a drug bust in 2014. we requested this video that shows deputies arresting the suspect who says as you can see he was kicked, punched in the process. it's been almost 18 months since this august it's been almost 18 months since this august 2014 the drug bust we told you last night at 11 am a grand jury decided to indict former marion county deputy jesse durell for his role piggies accused of violating the suspects civil rights. the state attorney's office handed body camera surveillance video to eyewitness news capturing angles between 2 businesses off marion oaks businesses. their prices being arrested. he has several drug charges open from the incident and he
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attorney sent a statement saying in part mr. price is satisfies -- satisfied with the efforts of the federal government to address the law enforcement conduct depicted on the video footage. >> we are still waiting to hear back from the indicted deputies attorney betty for the next half-hour we are looking to what happened to the faqs deputies and what comes for next in this case. >> the woman who sued casey anthony for defamation is back in the spotlight. detectives say she is the one who committed a crime. >> eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten found out she is accused from stealing from a cancer patient. >> reporter: the tech the save they have the crime on camera showing gonzalez using the stolen credit card a different stores. they brought her to orange county jail where we just learned she bonded out a few hours go. gonzalez will face a judge this time on the other side of the law. osceola county deputies claim the woman famous for suing
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a different case. deputies say gonzalez and her boyfriend jonathan acevedo worked at a carpet -- at a motel with a stole the credit card they took the victim a car was -- the card was taken and the people were racking up $800 in charges around osceola and orange county's. the trail of transactions led them back to gonzalez. she was in court months ago when a judge tossed out the lawsuit she filed against casey anthony after anthony username claiming zeni than any babysat her toddler. gonzalez will face charges for grand theft and credit card theft pittsburgh the individuals took advantage of someone who was an innocent.. >> reporter: she and her boyfriend were picked up at a motel and deputies brought them to orange county jail even though the crime was committed in osceola county. her boyfriend is still here this morning.
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kimberly eiten eyewitness news this morning looking at new evidence in the murder case of a woman inside of a lake marion dry cleaners picked the suspect andri louisiana was caught on store video buying a gun after the arrest he told police he wanted to use it to kill himself but instead police say he used it to shoot and killed 16-year-old new dang.'s caught on camera and a strip mall where the murder happened. in an interview he called himself, quote evil. >> do you feel remorse about what you did? >> i can't believe i did that i don't even know how it happened. >> prosecutors are now seeking the death penalty. investigators say a seminole county detection deputy is facing felony charges for recording phone conversations with his coworkers without their permission. michael bryant told a lieut. he recorded the conversations
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death the that deputies of positions because he thought they would complain picked brian has been fired. the -- it will be up to voters to decide whether america will -- medical marijuana is legalized it people united for medical marijuana 7693 people united for medical marijuana 70 693,000 valid signatures to the state division of elections to get it on the ballot in november. decimal proposal failed in 2014 and you can hear from leaders about the initiative and the future on eyewitness news at 4. it could be more difficult for you to petition for change in orange county. the charter review commission is expecting a request to change the rules for petitioning an amendment to the county charter. under these rules petitioners will have to wear a badge identifying whether they are volunteering or getting paid to collect signatures. special elections will not be allowed during election years. donald trump is still vowing to skip tonight's republican debate. >> people are talking about this. the move comes 4 days before the critical iowa caucuses.
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moderator megan kelly be removed.'s campaign says fox agreed the line with a sarcastic statement in turn -- megan kelly thinks trump will show up in his campaign says he will take part in a benefit for military veterans on the democratic side bernie sanders working to close in on hillary clinton yesterday he met with president obama at the white house . still the president and i discussed this morning a number of issues, domestic issues, form policy, politics. >> it came after the presidency tilted toward clinton in an interview but sanders injures -- says he's not playing favorites. clinton is going after sanders that he cannot deliver on his promises like his call for medicare for all americans.
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candidates by downloading our free wftv news app. prosecutors releasing more evidence in the murder of a young woman in her downtown orlando apartment. this chilling video here shows former security guard stephen duxbury following sasha samsudean through the complex. when she finally made it to her apartment, duxbury followed her in and raped and murdered her. duxbury scheduled to appear in court again in march. a seminole county family fighting code enforcement over keeping chickens in the yard said they did not realize having the birds was against county code. code enforcement has given the family 3 violations because they refuse to get rid of about half a dozen chickens. lassen county changes the rules at a meeting today, code enforcement could find the family up to $250 per day >> today 2 paula space crews will be honored during the annual day of remembrance ceremony at a kennedy space center. the space shuttle challenger
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shortly before lifting before -- 30 years ago today. the crew and the space shuttle columbia loss february 1, 2003. the arbiter this then they during reentry. that ceremony starts at 10 am. 5 demian. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9 and the rain is here. >> tracking showers. into volusia county from samsula, daytona beach, ponce inlet new smyrna beach and drizzle. nothing too heavy tracking showers we did that earlier. palm bay melbourne a couple showers osceola brevard county orange county new marion county sprinkles and drizzle this morning. here's a look at the potential for rainfall today. these are computer models some a quarter of an inch and some 1 inch. that will be generally what we have, quarter of an inch to half inch of rain but if you get a thunderstorm this afternoon, the couple spots topping out at 1 inch. highs in the 60s with periods
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track them on future track but also a dryer weekend. big weekend changes on the way. 5 am. 408 at mills. we have not been seeing any issues along the cameras. this is the traffic into downtown orlando. checking cameras and we can pull up i-4 at church street into downtown. slick roads but has not caused issues. i will let you know if anything pops up. 78-year-old man causing 2 accidents while driving the wrong way says he won't drive again anytime soon. what he had to say about that 8 mile trip down 528. a decision made by orange county school officials that will uproot hundreds of students from the schools. orlando lee street says overall crime in the city is now. we will find out what type of
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again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors
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so you can love cereal...
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good morning. i'm nancy alvarez. 5:14 am. a live peek of downtown orlando. 62 degrees now. the warm start for us these
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to expect for the rest of the day. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . police chief says carmen the city is down overall but violent crimes are up next chief john mina giving a review of 2015 and talking about efforts to engage the community. those activities are working his as. he also talked about an increase in homicides, sexual offenses and aggravated assaults and 2015. homicides in fact went from 15 in 2014 to 32 in 2015. >> we had an unusually low year the same amount of homicides in 2014 as we had in 1966, just 15. homicide detectives are working hard. >> the chief says 32 homicides is not far off of the department five-year average and says armed robberies and property crimes are down significantly. the mount dora city council made a decision -- has not made a decision of the city manager and deputy city manager the
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support of the men during the meeting tuesday. city manager visit pastor says he has been getting pressured by newly elected council members to fire deputy city manager. they want to eliminate the position. he told the council that if the deputy city manager goes, he will also leave the next council meeting is february 2. a suspected mexican drug cartel member accused of bringing large amounts of drugs here to central florida was caught by a local dea task force for 26-year-old daniel is awaiting a hearing in jail and undercover investigator posed as a member of a motorcycle club looking to distribute methamphetamine in our area. they tracked him from texas and when he arrived they said he sold them 1 kg of methamphetamine. the man that say cause the scuffle to led to false reports of shots fired at bisbee -- disney's brings christmas night will not face charges prosecutors decided not to
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investigators say he was upset because of how long it was taken to get his be a lot of restaurant. state attorney's office says statements were conflicting and did not feel they could win call the case. a marion county teacher has been suspended for 20 days without pay after school officials say she was caught on camera taking standardized test for her special needs students. state officials say megan fairchild was also on her phone and left her room with testing materials sitting out. the number 4 students test have been thrown out. residents in a neighborhood in orange county say it took weeks before garbage haulers picked up their yard waste yesterday. a photo was headed of the trash can it accumulated since january 1. this is a long and street. we reached out to the county picked the crew ended up calling the trash away in a pickup it the area is surface by fcc. the national weather service says an e-m one tornado touchdown a broward county during yesterday's heavy storms.
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panic one person caught this on camera picked take a look at this tornado reportedly touching down 3 times in coconut creek near pompano. the storm left behind a trail of destruction, ripping roofs off a building, throwing cars around like toys. one person actually suffered minor injuries and crews are working to assess the damage. this was part of an el nio system that we keep talking about. actually no one was seriously hurt. i got a lot of oh my god from the family. >> everything is scary. everyone knows with el nio this is what we get. we had a couple weeks ago in the tampa area and now we have been lucky. tracking showers this morning. lots of drizzle. that wet start but not as heavy as yesterday. better news to pass along. moderate rain showers through brevard county, melbourne down through granville, palm bay
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tracking rain for us and as we switch to lake county a few the ones that groveland clermont ferndale oakland winter gardens. from lake it orange county is a little blue and green on the map. they are sprinkles and light showers and we have seen the flagler and volusia county daytona beach ponce inlet also a couple sprinkles around this morning. here is a broad picture, a lot of rain to the south and the front is still not through. it is dragging through as we go throughout the day so more periods of rain and storms. temperatures in the 60s this morning, through the day we are going to stay in the 60s and the rain redeveloped late morning and early afternoon. 9 am, southern zones could see a few showers and we may get a break and we may see more rain develop. that will be the pattern. breaks in the action and by 3:00 you can see how it feels and again through the evening drive the after that we will start to see the backend by 9:00 a couple showers and once we hit midnight left over
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for tonight. periods of rain, a few storms temperatures in the 60s for almost all of us today, 70 in melbourne, 67 deland, 62 and palm coast. have your umbrella. tonight we clear out and we will get cooler. more than zones 40s. when i see you tomorrow morning, it is going to be chillier start. here's a five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view , for tomorrow more sunshine on the way. look at this. 66 on friday. cool, windy day. it will be breezy tomorrow and saturday a chilly start to the 40s. 69 is the high. bouncing back quickly mild, beautiful saturday afternoon. sunday, gorgeous by the speedway, temperatures running in the 70s. 5:20 am. let's look at the 408 deneige. >> 408 eastbound and westbound here. looking good. pullout live traffic tracker we
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time of the morning. looking at the live traffic tracker, no issues at that point but one crash sam lake rd., doctor phillips boulevard. you do not have a roadblock. make sure you move over for the troopers as they tried to get it completely cleared out. traffic is driven by -- traffic is driven by toyota of orlando and the all new toyota of clermont. state lawmakers want to push for more education spending. the reason it could cost you more money even if you don't have children. >> format marion county deputy indicted by a grand jury for excessive force case. we are looking into exactly what happened to the other accused deputies picked. keeping hungry bears out of local clapboards has been an ongoing issue how a bear and a north florida zoo is helping to
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5:24 am a rezoning decision will mean hundreds of students will need to change schools. the school board says some students from wolf lake elementary will now be moved to rock springs or zellwood elementary. students from apopka elementary will move to phil wood elementary. and some students from university high school will have to move to winter park high school.
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to make a change. a bill making its way to tell isaac hill that could allow schools to do away with fsa test. senate panel approved the use of alternative test such as the sat, a ct. the fsa was plagued with problems with students first to the test last spring and education commissioner pam stewart says like the sat and the ac t not aligned with florida standards. lake county fire department says a new aid agreement is providing better service and saving money at the same time. the county has an automated 8 agreement with several cities during an emergency dispatchers call whichever 5 crew is the closest. officials say they are getting faster response times and residents are saving money on their insurance bills. center florida city for using new trash cans to keep hungry bears out of local neighborhoods and now the bears are helping out. the bears are testing trash cans. he got the job. billy the bear the jacksonville
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out bear-proof cans. he spent 25 minutes tossing the container around but never got it open. >> i hope they pay him well. >> so do i. after 2.5 years of $400 million daytona international speedway renovation is done yes construction crews will start the next big project across the street artist renderings of the one daytona project. the 180 -- 180 acre development will have movie theater, hotel, restaurant 43 days since homeless people started gathering outside of a government building in volusia county exmoor showing up every day. the relief that could soon be set up to provide shelter.. the front is getting close. we won't track a much more rain we will have and when it clears out and more sun back in the
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